Your 2018 Guide to Posting Ads on Facebook

Your 2018 Guide to Posting Ads on Facebook



​With over 3 million advertisers now using Facebook, there are more businesses and individuals advertising on Facebook than in the history of television. Posting ads on Facebook is simple if you know what you are looking at, and can be done by just about anyone on the planet. But as Facebook changes, it’s important to know what you’re doing if you want your ads to have an impact.

Advertising on social media works best when it takes on a native approach, where sponsored content looks and acts like user-generated content. While some people find this approach confusing, it makes for…

a better user experience for everyone. To maintain some level of order, Facebook allows advertisers to target audiences in order to show them relevant content.If you’re interested in posting ads on Facebook, you should get to know the tools intimately. Follow these 4 steps for a successful ad campaign!​
1. Understand Insights
Facebook gives you the opportunity to research audiences before you put money down to try to sell to them. By looking at Facebook data, they can show you your target market and what they like on Facebook.

Otherwise, you could be sending out ads based on arbitrary criteria and see no results. Placing a strong call to action on your ad now allows you to give your audience a specific task to engage with you and your page. You can even get specific data to know which users are hitting that call to action so that you can target them directly.
2. Create Unique Sets of Ads
Because you’ll notice a few different types of audiences, you might bang your head against your desk trying to come up with ads to attract them all. Don’t bother with this strategy.Focus on a few smaller campaigns that target each section directly. Not only will this feel more personal, but you won’t be wasting your time pitching a product to a group of people you know have no interest in it.


3. Create Landing Pages


A landing page is a way for you to capture the specific audience that hits your call to action. On the landing page, you can give them the information they need that’s specific to the product they’re interested in.

If you send them to the wilderness of your website without any clear direction, you could lose them immediately. A landing page allows them to get acquainted with the product in question and to start visualizing themselves with it.


4. Images Matter


Once you’ve got your audience, make sure you’re giving them strong graphics and images. High-quality images of the product you’re selling belong on this page rather than your online shop.
On your landing page, you can dive into the subtle nuances of your products.


Posting Ads On Facebook Is Easy


Facebook advertising is one of the simplest ways to reach out to your audience. In a way, that makes it the easiest one to mess up. If you get too trigger happy and don’t do your research, you could easily sink a lot of money into the wrong demographic.

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