Why Likes and Faves Matter: Social SEO and the Truth About Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Is there anything more satisfying than an influx of likes and shares on a social media post?

Your website ranking higher as a result of said social media post comes pretty close.

If you own a small business, you might actually prefer the ladder. But maybe you’re not convinced that social SEO should be part of your marketing strategy.

Here’s why it should.

Sharing Is Caring

The relationship between social media shares and web traffic is pretty simple.

A person shares a social media post they think is valuable and high-quality. Their followers may garner a similar interest in the post and react by liking or sharing it again. Better yet, they may click on a link within the post, most likely to a website.

The result? Higher organic web traffic. And nowadays, we’re seeing Google rekindle the flame with organic web traffic.

Google is constantly working towards providing the best content to its users. 2019 SEO trends will see Google place a greater emphasis on high-quality content. It can better detect when a website creates content the user rather than the search engines.

They value these websites. To show their appreciation, they’ll rank these websites better on the SERP’s. Social media can help with this.

It’s All About Your Brand

77% of Americans are active on social media. If social media is that prevalent in the United States alone, social SEO is definitely a thing.

Your ideal customer is likely an active social media user. You may even be in an industry that thrives on certain platforms.

At any rate, social media allows you to make your brand known. Social media platforms are as interactive and innovative as ever. There’s a lot of opportunities to get creative in your SEO and social media marketing tactics.

By building your brand on social media, you also build a community around it. This is one of the fundamentals of understanding social media for small businesses.

The key is figuring out which platforms your audience uses. Curating content your audience will love – and geared for those platforms comes next. This recipe makes for some of the best social media for SEO.

Social Media Is the New Search Engine

Did you know that YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google?

Social SEO is not a myth. Maybe we can’t search for our most burning questions on YouTube and Instagram like we can on Google (yet.) But we can search for content we’re interested in with a little help from hashtags.

Even social media channels filter out content based on how many likes and shares a post receives. So, the better the content, the more it’ll appear on social feeds.

But even your target audience is searching for you on social media. A lot of times consumers will judge a business on whether it’s present on social media.

It’s just as important to be visible on social media as it is to be visible on the search engines. The good news? You can improve your visibility by promoting your website and social media together.

The Power of Social SEO

Nowadays, it’s a bit off-putting when a business isn’t on social media.

The mentality of this is similar to seeing a business without a sign or a storefront. Do we want to enter a store that doesn’t appear welcoming or professional? Do we want to do business with a company that’s not present online?

Drive your social SEO strategy home by making sure your website can keep up with the momentum. How does your website rank? If you’re not sure, contact us today for a free SEO audit.

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