Stepping Up Your Game: Advanced SEO Techniques You Need to Know

In 1991, there was only one website. By 2014, there were over one billion! Today, there are more than 1.5 billion websites. Of all these sites, almost 200 million are active websites. With so many websites on the Internet, it’s hard to stand out.

To get seen, you’ll need to step up your game. How? Take your SEO up a notch.

Read on to learn more about advanced SEO techniques and get a better ranking in web search results.

The Need for Speed

Studies show that people browse websites. They don’t spend a lot of time reading. They want information, and they want it fast. But they’ve got to get to your website first.

If your site takes a long time to load, visitors won’t wait. They’ll go back to the search page and look for another site. This affects your “bounce rate.”

A high bounce rate means people aren’t staying on your site. Google penalizes your site if the bounce rate is high. Make sure your site loads fast.

Keep Mobile in Mind

Do you have a desktop and mobile version of your website? Then Google is indexing and ranking your mobile site first.

Upgrade your website for mobile if you haven’t already.

Don’t use pop-up ads on your site. They’re intrusive. They’re annoying. Everyone hates them, including Google.

Use Long Meta Descriptions

Don’t write a novel, but do make the meta descriptions informative. Google no longer cuts off most of the description if it runs long.

Make your metadata useful for users. Don’t tell users everything, but enough that they’ll want to click through to your website.

Don’t Forget Internal Links

Linking to posts within your blog is crucial. This keeps people reading your blog which translates to low bounce rates.

Wikipedia is a great example of internal linking. You’ll always find links to other Wikipedia pages within their articles.

Interlinking your blog pages in a similar fashion gives your site a boost.

Image Optimization

People love good images. But use images the right way. Always use Alt text for image description.

Use relevant image names. The image file name should reflect the picture. That way your images show up in an image search.

Put informative captions on all your images. Compress your images to keep the site loading fast.

The Infamous Keyword

Think about the words people use when searching for the type of service or product you offer. Use those keywords throughout your site, especially in your blog content.

List a few topics important to your business. Under each topic, list keywords relevant to the topics. Find related search terms on at the bottom of the page.

Google AdWords has a keyword planner. Plug in the keywords you like and see traffic estimates for the word.

Use keywords in a natural manner. Don’t use awkward sentences to include a keyword.

Advanced SEO Techniques for Increased Traffic

Try these advanced SEO techniques for higher rankings and increased traffic. Increased traffic translates into higher revenue. Don’t leave SEO to chance.

Make sure your site loads fast. Optimize your images for fast loading. Make sure your site is mobile-friendly.

Use informative and enticing meta descriptions. Always include internal links. And do your keyword research.

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