Should I have a blog on my website?

Should I have a blog on my website?


This seems to be the age old question from a lot of business owners, service companies, attorney’s and any member of the public that has a website. The short answer is yes! Blogging about topics related to your field or service is a good signal to the search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. You don’t have to post all the time and be a journalist, but a blog posted once or twice per month will go a long way over time. Think about twelve months from now, do you think having twenty plus blog posts and articles about your specific service would help  your website outshine the competitors? You guessed it, and astounding Yep.

Google looks for relevant content being added to your website when they crawl the web every couple of days. The fact that they do that, is part of the overall SEO process and a reason that we exploit it. Once they pick up on the new content that you have added to your site, it helps give you a push to nudge ahead of the next in line website that has been left stranded for the last 2 years. Probably 90% of websites out there in your industry that you are competing with locally haven’t updated their website in two plus years. Heck, five or ten years is not uncommon. So, it isn’t that difficult to see that posting regular content on your site will give you that competitive advantage in your local online space. Regularly posting articles about your experiences in the field, helpful topics, and how to articles will go a long way in making your website stand out among the sea of outdated ones.

Here are a few things you can post blog articles about.

  • “How To” tips on the service you offer.
  • Helpful articles on a project that you just completed
  • Cool facts about the city you are trying to rank your website in
  • Articles about a particular manufacturer that is popular in your field
  • Why you should hire a licensed contractor

Wesley Smith

Tips and tricks to supercharge your website to blast past the local competitors!

​Don’t feel stupid writing and posting this on your website on a blog page. For most people this is the number one reason they avoid it, who cares! This one SEO activity alone can increase your revenue by 50% in a year when your website is in one of the top spots for the service you offer from searches. See what I mean?

Google and the other search engines are constantly trying to find the best, most relevant content to put in front of their searcher, or user. Think about it this way. If someone in your local area does a search for “roofer Atlanta”, google wants to put the best website with the freshest and most comprehensive content in front of that person. This makes the search experience more beneficial and you are likely to keep coming back to google to continue with other searches. Guess what that means for the roofing website that is ranked in the top spots? More leads and phone calls for roofing in their area! That can lead to hundreds of thousands of dollars or more just simply because they are in the top spots and answer the phone. Every industry is different in the revenue that each job can generate, but being ranked in the top spots is a sure fire way to get a lot more leads coming in. And you can accomplish this by having regular blog content on your site. Pretty easy, huh?

There are other factors to ranking your website. But a lot of times, that is enough to bust your site to the top and breeze right past your competition so long as you are posting relevant content on a regular basis.

To recap, having a blog is very beneficial to have on your website as long as the content is good and helpful. So, get busy writing a few articles here and there about what you are experiencing in your every day business, and you will be well on your way to securing a higher spot in the local search rankings. We recommend this on every one of our clients websites and it hasn’t failed us yet!

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