SEO vs PPC: What’s the Difference?

To succeed as a business owner in the interconnected world we live in, you definitely need some form of digital marketing. But, it can be hard to figure out whether it’s best to invest in SEO vs PPC.

These are the two main forms of online marketing. They both help users find and connect with your business, yet they do so in a very unique way. Keep reading to find out more about organic search and search engine ads.


SEO – Search Engine Optimization


SEO is organic search. This online marketing strategy is all about connecting with users via relevant, interesting content. The constant publishing of optimized content is what helps you rank on the first page of a search engine and gets the attention of online users.

But, SEO is not just about content. The best SEO campaigns pay attention to every single detail. They pair a strong backlink strategy and stand-out visuals with the use of all kinds of content – i.e. social media and email marketing in addition to blogging and guest blogging.

Other optimization tactics include speeding up a page’s load times and leveraging user-generated content. There’s also the practice of recycling content and partnering with influencers and thought leaders to expand the reach of your website organically.


PPC – Pay Per Click Advertising


PPC generates paid traffic. It’s the faster, but generally more expensive, alternative to the practice of relying on content and on-page optimization to get people’s attention online.

PPC operates through a bidding system on Google. After you do your keyword research to identify the most beneficial search terms for your business, you bid on those terms.

Google then picks the highest bid when a user types an inquiry with your phrase in it. The good thing about the PPC bidding system is that you’re only charged when your bid wins and your ad shows up on a results page.

Plus, you can change your PPC settings at any time to allocate more funds or switch your focus to other keywords. This provides results almost instantly, which is great if you need to speed up the increase of traffic on your site.


Choosing Between SEO vs PPC for Your Business


As great as the use of PPC may sound for your online presence at first, SEO is typically the best way to go if you’re looking for long-term results.

Search engine optimization helps you understand the quality of your digital presence beyond the search inquiry results. This marketing method teaches you the value of things like rich content and link building and meta descriptions. It gives you the full picture of how to beat your competition when trying to perform well online.

If you’re still not sure whether to pick SEO vs PPC, though, you’ve come to the right place. Our team is ready to provide you with both kinds of advertising support to help you improve your rankings, traffic, and conversation rates.

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