How Positive Reviews Impact Your SEO Rankings

How Positive Reviews Impact Your SEO Rankings


In this age of online shopping, 90% of consumers read a business’ online reviews to gauge whether or not to trust the company and the product.

When you can’t meet a customer representative or evaluate a product in-hand, online reviews become the only way you can determine if you’re making a good purchase.

The math is simple: higher reviews make your product and your company look good. In turn, a consumer is more likely to buy it.

Keep reading to learn why positive reviews are essential to succeeding online and how you can use them to your advantage.


Are Product Reviews Really Important?


In 2017, over 63% of respondents stated that it was extremely or very important for them to read reviews online before making a purchase.

This fact is especially true when a consumer is purchasing a big ticket item or something they are not very familiar with. Reading the review of someone who is knowledgeable on the product or company helps the inexperienced shopper navigate the online marketplace.

With websites like Amazon growing increasingly popular, reviews are put front and center for consumers to evaluate. Many consumers even filter products by their review scores, placing a high emphasis on product quality.

Here are 4 other reasons why product reviews are essential:


1. Establish Credibility

Businesses in poor standing with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) or with low product reviews quickly turn consumers away from a business and product. Higher reviews help you establish credibility as a business.


2. Marketing Opportunities

Great product reviews and customer input can be used for marketing. What better way to promote your content than including customer testimonials?


3. Enhancing Quality

No matter how great your business or product is, there can always be room for improvement. A review or comment can provide you with constructive feedback that will allow you to improve your products and your business. It’s better to know the issue and then improve in response to it. This can be achieved by enhancing product quality where possible or improving customer relations.


4. Provide Insights

Reviews will allow potential customers to examine how your company fares on services, products, and customer relations. For example, they may comment on shipping, delivery, and other services of your company.


How Can I use Positive Reviews To Grow my Business?

Knowing that consumers place such a high value on reviews can also work in your favor. Having that early constructive feedback is important to perfect a product, streamline your services, and provide amazing customer service. But then what?


1. Earn High Reviews

Review management is a growing industry you can use to manage your online reviews. They will encourage high reviews and help get in contact with those who left negative reviews to improve relations.


2. Head to Product Review Sites

Product review sites perform comprehensive reviews and rank highly on search engines. If your product appears on these sites, you will see a noticeable growth in website traffic.


Final Thoughts


Positive customer reviews are trusted nearly as much as word of mouth. With the growth of online shopping, you need positive reviews to stand out from your competition and encourage consumers to trust your business.

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