How Does PPC Work? 5 Things Everyone Should Know About PPC

how does ppc work

How does PPC work? You may have heard that PPC is the key to online success, but utilizing PPC for advertising is often more complicated than most people think.

Whether you already have an online presence, or you are looking to penetrate digital markets, you should study the intricacies of PPC. Here are some basics to help you better understand how to leverage PPC for advertising.

1. PPC Basics

Pay per click advertising, or PPC, allows you to advertise content through specific advertising channels that charge you each time a user takes specific actions on your advertisements. Those actions are almost always accompanied by measurable clicks, hence the name.

The largest and most popular PPC platform is Google’s own Google Ads. It allows businesses to advertise directly on Google’s search result pages. Each time someone clicks your ad on Google’s search results, Google charges you a tiny fee for the traffic it drives to your site.

Other popular PPC platforms include Facebook Ads and Twitter Ads.

2. PPC vs. Organic Results

PPC enables small businesses to compete against global corporations. Without PPC, it is impossible for small and medium businesses to appear anywhere near the top of the search engine results pages.

The top organic spots are often reserved by huge companies that spend millions on marketing and SEO.

3. How Does PPC Work for SEO and Online Marketing Purposes?

As we’ve seen above, PPC allows you to effectively compete against organic results. Many people confuse PPC with SEO.

In reality, SEO encompasses all practices that optimize a site for search. SEO can help a site reach its full potential, but it cannot compete with PPC by itself. Even the most optimized pages will fall behind pages that are fueled by well-planned PPC campaigns.

4. PPC Bidding

All major PPC platforms use a bidding system for their ads. This system allows advertisers to “bid” the maximum amount they are willing to pay for a click. The higher the bid, the more visible the advertisement will be.

When there is competition, bids may become more expensive as more companies compete for the same ad placements.

5. Everyone is Doing It

Even if you don’t rely on PPC, chances are your competitors are already doing it. Especially in focused verticals and local markets, PPC can enable a company to completely dominate its respective market.

If you are looking for a definitive competitive advantage, PPC may help your company pull ahead at a relatively small cost.

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