How Can You Improve Your Google Ranking For Your Site?

How Can You Improve Your Google Ranking For Your Site?



There are multiple ways that an SEO Expert can improve your google rankings for your website. Here are some reasons to hire someone to help you with SEO.
While Google isn’t the only search engine, it is the most popular. In fact, Google processes 40,000 search queries every second.
Which means if you have a website, you want it to be ranked as high as possible on Google. SEO can help with that.

Luckily, there are easy solutions to help you improve your Google ranking. Here are a few of our favorites.


Write Great Content


Great content will always be king. That’s the reason your customers will visit your site. And why they’ll return.
Google also loves great content. Start a blog. Write about what you know.
This will set you up as an authority on your business. Add photos to give it a more attractive look.
Don’t be afraid to use videos as well. Video content is on the rise. It’s projected to become 80% of all web traffic by 2019.

Create New Content Consistently


Don’t forget to write new content on a consistent basis. Consumers want fresh information.
Google wants fresh content too. It will help improve your Google ranking. Try to publish new content on your blog at least once per week. Videos and photography both count as fresh content.
Just don’t forget to fill out your meta title and description so it can be ranked properly on Google. Doing so will also entice your potential customers to visit your site as well.

Use Links


Linking has become a popular way to get noticed, especially by Google. Linking also sets you up further as an authority figure on your subject matter. Don’t just link to anyone. Links that lead to a 404 page will be penalized by Google.
Links to sites with malware or with pushy sales tactics won’t go over well with your audience.
Both internal and external links are effective. Internal links are just links that go back to another page on your own website.
They can help further promote pages which don’t get a lot of traffic. External links are to sites that have nothing to do with your page. Try linking to sites which further promote your point and are well-established sites.

Think Like Your Customer to Improve Your Google Ranking


Keywords are important. They help improve your SEO rankings on Google.
You need to make sure you’re using the right keywords. Businesses often think in terms of their brand. While that’s good to a certain extent, it may not help your customers find you. Instead, try to think like your customers do. Think about which keywords and phrases your customer would most likely use to find a service or product on your site. Determine what information they’re looking to find and use that.

Have a Great Looking Website


A great looking website will always be rewarded by Google. Get rid of excessive clutter.
No one wants to be inundated with pushy advertising. Instead, improve your rankings by having great information, using an appealing color scheme, and making sure your site is easy to navigate.

Hire the Right Help



Google is constantly changing how they rank sites. It’s nearly impossible to keep up with them on your own. It’s also difficult to know which strategies will work best all on your own. Hiring SEO experts can greatly help you improve your rankings quickly. Contact us to see how we can help.
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